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Looking for an epic venue to catch the live action of your favorite team. Live GAA at Soho as well as Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League Champion’s League, Premier League, NFL, AFL, Basketball, NBA, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, College Football, Basketball, F1? Whatever it is you are looking to watch, SOHO screens all major international sports and we’re serving this up across state of the art screens and technology.
Here are the list of upcoming events from SOHO. If we can, we also showcase on-screen events that you request.

Kick back and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience as we screen all of the live coverage  across our many large 4k Ultra HD screens.

We also don’t believe in missing a second of the game, so we offer dedicated table service throughout the venue for all fixtures. Not being able to make the real deal has never felt so darn’ awesome!

Like any good sports bar, you need a great range of drinks to keep you hydrated. We offer a large selection of international bottled and draft beers, ciders, spirits, wine and cocktails.




All-Ireland Football Senior Championship – Final
Dublin v Kerry, Sunday, 1st September @ 9.30pm

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